Tamra the Island fanvid-Single Ladies

A tribute music video to the female divers in 2009 kdrama Tamra the Island. They are adorably hilarious and remind me so much of the people in my home community. Actually, I stole this idea from Charisnova@youtube (I know I’m a shameless copycat), after watching a short clip she made for those ladies. After that I went to a Wonder Girls concert and listened to “Single Ladies” sung by Sohee. The song stuck in my head so I decided that it’d be perfect for the Tamra “single” ladies. This is my first MV made with Sony Vegas, a huge improvement from the sucky Magix Pro software I’ve been using.

Drama: Tamra The Island
Song: Single Ladies (Beyonce-Candyman remix)

(I edited the song a bit because for most parts it annoys the heck out of me, so you won’t find the exact same song anywhere)

Youtube link (block in Germany)

Download link